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Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints are available in 3 sizes: 17x22 - 13x19 - 11x14 inches
The number of editions offered per image is the overall number offered in any of the 3 sizes.
A customer can request a different size of the one offered online but it will count against the overall number of the edition.
As an example, if 25 prints are offered in 17x22 size and a customer requests a 13x19 print, it will be deducted against the overall number. In fact, no more than 25 prints will ever be sold in the 3 sizes together.
Oversize Custom Prints
Prints that are offered in limited edition can be ordered in oversize as a custom print (museums - exhibitions - large walls etc.) but never in a higher number than 3
That adds on to the limited edition, so if you see a limited edition of 25, you will know that there is no instance that image will be printed more than 28 times in any size.
Monoprints or hand embellished prints are to be considered as unique open edition multiples. They are more valuable than just limited edition prints because there is a manual intervention on each print: a paint splatter, a brush stroke etc.
That intervention makes them unique.

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